About Us

About Us

Customer Service Training Center

Founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of Elite Business Solutions, L.L.C., the Customer Service Training Center stands as a licensed vocational school in Michigan. We’re dedicated to empowering adults with disabilities, aiding their employment journey through specialized training.

Our methods not only enhance career skills but also foster personal growth and values like ethics, professionalism, and accountability. By honing both occupational and interpersonal skills, we aim to propel clients towards financial independence and community integration. We’ve collaborated with various state and local agencies, including the PATH program, Detroit Employment Solutions, Michigan Works, and the Veterans Administration, among others.

Why Choose Us

Customized Training

Pre-assessments are conducted on all new participant to identify barriers to re-entering the workforce and customize the training to the needs of that client.

One on one engagement

Participant are paired with a Vocational Training Specialist for increased understanding of course content.

100% Remote

To address the needs of the disability community, training is conducted via Zoom, and fully remote, no need to leave the comfort of home, equipment provided as needed.

Completed in less than 4 weeks

Training for job readiness can be completed in a timely manner, to allow students to advance to job placement services.

Experts in remote job placement

Our team collectively possesses over 20 years of experience in remote job placement.

No cost to participants

Tuition and other costs are covered by state and local government agencies for those with a disability; our team can help with a referral to your local agency.

Our Compliant Training

Our training curriculum is in compliance with the State of Michigan workforce development initiative for employment and re-employment of persons with disabilities within their community.

We also adhere to Michigan Rehabilitation Services recommendation to provide industry recognized criteria.

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