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Customer Service
Training Center

We offer vocational training and job placement services to adults with disabilities from all walks of life. We understand that the path to re-entering the workforce isn’t always straightforward.

That’s why we offer customized, one-on-one in-depth training whether it be basic, intermediate or advanced.

Why Choose Us

Customized Training

Pre-assessments are conducted on all new participants to identify barriers to re-entering the workforce and customize the training to the needs of that client.

One on one engagement

Participants are paired with a Vocational Training Specialist for increased understanding of course content.

100% Remote

To address the needs of the client, training is conducted via Zoom, and fully remote, no need to leave the comfort of home, equipment provided as needed.

Completed in 4-8 weeks

Training for job readiness can be completed in a timely manner, to allow students to advance to job placement services.

Experts in Job Placement & Remote work options

Our team collectively possesses over 20 years of experience in remote job placement and community employment opportunities.

No cost to participants

Tuition and other costs are covered by state and local government agencies for those with a disability; our team can help with a referral to your local agency.

Call Center, Customer
Service, Soft Skills

Expert training for exceptional customer Service interactions.

Earn Professional Certifications &

Empowering interpersonal growth for professional success.

Job seek Skills, Interview & Resume

Enhancing skills for career growth and leadership.

Computer Fundamentals &
Digital Literacy Skills

Mastering core computer skills for modern proficiency.

What We Do

Customer Service Training Center

This one-of-a-kind workforce initiative was established in 2014 to address a rising need for training and job readiness among the disability community. It extends beyond training and placement to prepare participants for high demand, telework professions as well as re-entering the community workforce.

The Customer Service Training Center is a unique workforce development solution for adults with disabilities who face obstacles to employment. Our training program can lead to upward mobility and financial self-sufficiency.

Experienced Team

Our Goals & Values

Mission Statement: Our mission and goal is to set ourselves apart from other training programs by consistently continuing to offer training that improves the quality of life for our students.

Vision Statement: To redefine the way training is delivered to persons with disabilities. We vow to deliver an effective training program and form partnerships with Workforce Development agencies extending our services to the community.

Our Values

Empathy: We treat each client with empathy and support during their enrollment in our training program.

Service: We are responsive to the needs of all participants entrusted to our care.

Inclusion: In accordance with ADA, we support the rights to community inclusion for all persons with disabilities.

Ethics: To the best of our ability, we always strive to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Easy Access and Efficient Service: We strive to make it easy for participants to access our training program, and we are committed to building strong relationships and lasting bonds with our participant.

Satisfied Clients

Training Programs Include

We offer the following workforce development services:

Vocational Evaluations

Screening and assessment of digital literacy, software applications, and use of technology in day living, to customize training to fit the needs of the participant.  All conducted via Zoom.

Training for job readiness

Addresses specific job training needs to enhance employability skills and likelihood of job placement.

(Paid) On the Job Evaluations

An introduction to remote trends in the workforce through real-time simulations. Participants are paid to engage in this workforce readiness program.

Certification leading to Credentials

CSTC offers 43 (40hr) targeted-learning certificate courses.
Clients engage 1:1 with a facilitator from beginning to end, to prepare for proctoring and certifications.
Our learning paths prepare clients to sit for industry-specific certifications exams.

Job Development & Placement Services

 One on One placement assistance to identify employment opportunities that are the best fit for the participant based on their tranferable skills, experience and interest. Assistance with resume and cover letter development, identifying job leads, and interview preparation.

Advocacy and Accommodation

CSCT will advocate for specialized equipment and tools to perform job tasks by contacting the referring agency on behalf of the client.  We also provide loaner laptops for training and job placement to avoid any delay in helping our clients achieve their employment goals. 

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